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I've had the pleasure of consulting with Dr. Kalpana for my health and wellness needs, and I'm thrilled to share my exceptional experience! Dr. Kalpana is an exemplary Ayurvedic doctor who truly embodies the principles of this ancient healing art.

Paarth Gorivale

Dr Kalpana is very knowledgeable doctor. Her medicines are a bliss. I have visited her for multiple issues and it helped me and my family get cured with her correct diagnosis and medication. Thank you .

Rupa Satpute

I had shirodhara and Basti treatment. It was a good experience and the clinic is neat and clean. The therapist is experienced and skilled. and also had a treatment for hair fall thank u so much Dr kalpana....

Nandlal Kevat

I wanted to increase my height and weight so i took 3 months ayurvedic medicinal special navratri course from Dr.Kalpana . My height got increased by 2 inch and weight by 5kgs in just 3 months. Its really wonderful treatment. now I am sure that i will get pass in my physical fittness exam. Thank you so much dr. kalpana and team

Raju Kevat

Dr. Kalpana is an excellent doctor as well as she is making his own medicines and cosmetic products. The quality of products is very good and reasonable in price. I think its really very effective for everyone. Must visit their clinic and also try their products. My pimples and dandruff issues resolved so well that i am not experiencing any of it since 2years

Ganesh Itkapalle

I think she is one of the best doctor you can probably consult to , i took my mom to her she was having a severe pain in her legs , her blood was impure in that region various rashes appeared. I was very concerned but with the help of kalpana the suffering of my mother were answered to. I definitely consult her 10/10 doctor

Parth Bangar

Dr kalpana is really knowledgeable & friendly doctor... She explains well about your health condition and prepare medicines accordingly... I am happy with treatment... Highly recommended

Jago Dalvi

I visited Dr. Kalpana' clinic. She is very good helping n understanding. She listens my problem n proscribed me with her own medicine n within a month I relief from my pain. Thank you Doctor.πŸ™πŸ™

Jyoti Dalvi

A friendly approach and relevant guidence from Dr Kalpana change . view to your health care, she deserve a great success in her field

Manisha Satra

She is miraculous. Always cures me completely. Her medicine work like magic without any side effects. Often things in kitchen cure me. She is like a God. Please go to her. You won't go to any other doctor after your first visit. If allopathy says incurable, she will cure, even diseases like cancer. I recommend her to all. Happy to have found her

Rama Balasubramanian

Dr. Kalpana is really good doctor with intelligence... Her garbhasanskar sessions are really magical... Sessions are doing wonders for me... being first time momtobe i was Feeling very stressed n full of anxiety. Dr kalpana's shree mauligarbhasanskar is really has motherly touch... Thank you for supporting I will definitely recommend doctor kalpana's garbha sanskar sessions to all pregnant ladies...

Sunita Damugade

I have approached Dr Kalpana on two occasions. Firstly, for Uttar Basti, wherein she has been very particular about the treatment given. She made me comfortable with the entire process. She has a good team who did perfect execution. The treatment helped me conceiving successfully in months later. Secondly, she has been of great help without garbha sanskar sessions, She personal attention during the sessions and was always approachable to solve and issues. Her sessions helped me connecting with my baby. My baby still goes to sleep listening to music shared by her during one of our activities. Lastly, she is still my go to person to resolve any queries or troubles that I face with my newborn.

Ketaki Kode

My 11 years daughter had frequent cough & cold issue since from childhood. In February she diagnosed with severe sinusitis and doctor advice for operation. But i thought operation is not permanant solution and also she is very small for all this. She had low immunity so she got infected easily again & again. I believe in Ayurveda so i searched good doctor for her treatment. In March we visited Doctor kalpna's clinic. She explained root cause of her illness, line of treatment, diet guidence, and she promised us that my daughter will get absolutely cure. So we follow her diet, medicine, nasya treatment. And now as per what she said my daughter is completely fine. Her all symptoms is gone. Her food appetite , activities, immunity is improving. We are very thankful for Doctor Kalpna. So happy for her way of treatment. Just have some patience & trust on her & you will get solution of your health issues.

Varsha Wankhede

Dr Kalpana is best Ayurvedic doctor i came across, she is very knowledgeable person... Treats your disease with route cause.... My endometriosis n adenomyosis changes are reversed and recent sonography report turned out normal... M very happy with her medicines and panchakarma. I will definitely recommend Doctor Kalpana....

Sanika Belose

Dr. Kalpana is very polite and knowledgeable doctor. She explained me everything about the treatment and cleared all my doubts regarding endometriosis. She listened my concerns with patience and guided me in correct way. All medicines and panchkarma treatment worked for me very well. Super satisfied and will recommend Dr Kalpana for all.

Pooja Kudale

I am taking medicines for uterine fibroids and painfull heavy menses flow... Dr Kalpana's medicines working very good for me... Since three months my pain is disappeared and flow is also under control... Feeling very blessed to have doctor like her, I am feeling confident that I will get cured soon. I will highly recommend Doctor Kalpana for Ayurvedic treatment. Thank you

Seema Dalvi

I had severe swelling in both knees and unable to walk but with Dr. Kalpana diagnosis and medicine and massage for 14days by Ms. Seema I have been able to walk freely now without any pain and I can now bend my knees which I was not able to do earlier.. My thanks to Dr. Kalpana for treating me.. My husband too got treated for diabetics. His H1bac was 7.2 and in 3months time came down to 5.1...reversal of diabetics is in progress... I suggest you to contact Dr. Kalpana... It really helps

Indira Jairaman

I went dr. Kalpana's clinic. Dr. Kalpna is very good doctor.i got a lot of help.

Samadhan Gaikwad

Very effective treatment. Will surely recommend. Doctor also explained us the root cause and treatment details.

Sagar Pansare

Taken treatment for knees. I found her to be very respectful & trustworthy. She is very through in her work & good to see taking Panchkarma treatment to next level. Highly Recommended.

Mitesh Narwadkar

I was suffering from Urticaria disease and attended many skin specialist. They have given me steroids to get relief from itching. Slowly I was feeling that am going to addicted of steroids tablets. To avoid taking that tablets, I was moved on Ayurvedic. And finally I searched on Google review about Dr. Kalpna Dalavi . From my experience, She is so kind heart person who understand my itching pain and given me best results through her medicine..Thank You Dr. Kalpna.πŸ™


Dr Patil is one of the finest Doctor i have come across I have taken her treatment for weight loss and detox and in three months lost 14 kgs without any side effect I feel more energetic and enthusiastic. I strongly recommend u to visit her. She is really after god.

Abhijeet Chandorkar

Dr kalpana is really very brilliant doctor her medicines are magical which along with your treatment it increases your confidence also and she understands patients problems in a wright Way Thanks dr kalpana

Shital bhosale

Dr Kalpana has a very humane approach towards her clients. She also has great understanding of ayurvedic medicine. Highly recommended.

Nivedita Shahane

Dr. Kalpana is very clear in her knowledge of ayurveda, she has the patience to understand the health problems, give the right and realistic advice. I had a severe backpain problem for last 8 years which has improved dramatically Infact almost gone. Ayurvedic treatment takes time to show results our body is not a machine. As a patient one has to give time to your own body and also the doctor to give results. Her treatment addresses the root cause of problems. Thanks you!

Siddharth Hampanvar

Best Ayurvedic doctor with great knowledge and Clinic provieds excellent facilities.....no matter where you live.. Which city which state....Droctor and her clinc staff provides best medical services by courier also. I consulted Dr Kalpana ma'am online. She is very patient in listening your problems or health challenges you face. She has deep understanding. Greatest Part is Dr prepare all medicines by her own.... makes us feel too special that there is vsomeone who takes care of our health and accordingly design medicininal combinations.....i tried her chayvanprash also..... It has improved my immunity. Thank you Dr. kalpana Madam...... I will definitely recommend ShreeVishwasparsh Clinic For all who needs to get cure by Authetic Ayurvedic Treatment.

Vandana Chander

You can place your health in Dr Kalpanas hands without a thought. She is a thorough professional and very patient in handling complicated health conditions through Ayurveda. Can recommend her if you want to just see your health improving from now on.

Anshu Saxena

Really good experience and 100% positive result from suggestion and medicine given by Dr. Kalpana Make sure you follow all instructions properly for diet and medication Guidance is really appreciated and every treatment and process is explained properly I have suggested and will suggest to surely go for ayurvedic treatment with Dr Kalpana

Mandar Palav

My 4kg weight gain after take ayurvedic chyavanpraash thank you kalpana mam.

Ganesh Bhoir

Having a great understanding of Allopathy helps the Doctor to give working solutions thru Ayurveda and this has helped all who seek alternative medical solutions a great help.

Shivram Iyer

She is a very good doctor.anybody suffering from gastrointestinal issues like poor digestion , bloating should surely visit her.dr Kalpana will not only give you Ayurvedic herbs but will also guide you as to what lifestyle modifications have to be done for healthy living.she is also very patient with all my doubts :)

Poonam Mane

Dr Kalpana Dalvi is one of the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor. She is very polite to her patients and explain very well about their problems and she gives solutions very nicely.

Sagar Sawant

Ayurved is gift for the world and its longlasting, evergreen. Dr. Kalpana mam is well know and deep knowledge and practice in ayurved. Strongly recommending her medicine and Consulting.

Ravindra Koli

I have just started the medication under the doctor she is polite and her medicines seem to be working. Let’s see how it helps in the long term. So far excellent work Keep it up.

Aanchal Mahajan

Dr. kalpana is very polite and She explained me everything about the treatment. I have a great trust in her treatment.

Haresh Kadam

Its was a very good experienced with doctor and medicines. Ayurvedic Medicines are very helpful for health. Thank you so much Dr. Kalpna Mam.

Swarada Joshi

Dr. Kalpana is wonderful doctor. She understand the root cause of disease n gives best suggestion n medicines.πŸ‘πŸ‘

Sheetal Ratnam

Best Ayurvedic Docter. I Had Sinus issues but she treated so well. Really Appreciated .

Prashant Pattekar

Dr. Kalpana is very good help full Dr.

Digambar Patil

I have taken medicine from Kalpana for last 1 month for hair fall and shows the result is very well Stopped hair fallingπŸ™‚ Thank you.

Ashmita Dalvi-Pasthe

Very knowledgeable and in-depth knowledge.

Nilesh Dalvi

Well explained, early relief. She is a good doc. Highly recommended.


Apt treatment and great results Dr Kalpana is real good.

Nayan Gosar

Best doctor with good medicine knowledge and panchakarma..

Rupali Kudtarkar

I've always got a permenant curing medicine for each and every health issues.

Shashank Chaudhari

Best Ayurveda Clinic with best treatment.....

Rupali P

"Best Doctor with Great knowledge"...

Priyanka Satpute

You are in safe hand of Doctor and Ayurveda.

Varsha Nabar

Good experience All the best.

Hemu Gowda

Good doctor with authentic knowledge..

Kalpana Pansare

Best & effective health care clinic....

Rohan Chaudhari