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Patra Pottali sweda (पत्र पोट्टली स्वेद)or Ela kizhi

The sudation given by using the bolus of patra (leaf) is called as Patra Potala (Pinda) sweda.
Various vathara patra like Agnimantha, Shigru, Chincha, Dattura, Arka, Nirgundi, Eranda are processed and used for the purpose of sudation.
It provides relief from pain and rejuvenates & strengthen the soft tissues, joints and muscles in the body.
1. Back pain
2. Sciatica
3. Paralysis
4. Osteoarthritis
5. Cervical Spondylosis
6. Bursitis
7. Cramps
8. Neuralgia
9. Sprains
10. Sports injuries
11. Vataj and Vat kaphaj disorders, etc.