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Supraja Sanskar (सुप्रजा संस्कार / गर्भ संस्कार )

🌷 Pregnancy is the most important phase of a woman’s life and it is almost mandatory to take care of her dietary and nutritional needs, cleansing the husband’s body for purest form of Shukra Dhatu (sperm) and the mother’s uterus (garbhashaya) for good fertilization, counselling regarding the changing patterns ki the mother’s body according to Ayurveda, the herbal boost that the baby needs during each month of pregnancy and we at Shree Vishwasparsh Ayurvedic Clinic are more than happy to help you have the healthiest baby.

🌷 The benefits of Supraja Sanskar ( Garbhasanskar )-

1. Repairs Kshetra/ Location – Garbhashaya ( Uterus) for proper implantation of Beeja.
2. Adequate formation of Ambu / Amniotic fluid.
3. Proper fertilization of the beeja (Sperm and ovum).
4. Repairing the impure artava( stree beeja) or ovum during the Ritukaal.
5. Proper functioning of the Vata (Apaan Vayu) during the division of foetal body parts and the delivery phase.
6. Providing nutrition to the mother and baby.
7. Avoiding recurrent abortions and increasing the power of conception.

🌷 Our role in the Supraja Sanskar ( Garbhasanskar) Treatment –
1. All the counselling needed and queries solved.
2. Cleansing both male and female bodies before deciding to conceive with the help of ancient Panchkarma procedures to have a healthy baby.
3. Special herbal medicines for the father to produce purest form of sperms.
4. Masanumasik Yog (special herbal formulations prepared for mother for every month of her pregnancy helps in the development of the baby and ensures good health of mother)
5. Yoga
6. Pranayam
7. Meditation advices
8. Music Therapy
9. Antenatal yoga
10. Baby care
11. Post delivery care
12. Appropriate diet rules depending on the prakruti.
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