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Highlights Of Events :

Suvarnprashan on Sunday 9th June 2024, Timings: 10am to 8pm.

Welcome to Shree Vishwasparsh Ayurvedic Chikitsalay & Panchkarma Kendra

It is one of Thane's most established professional and innovative providers of classical Ayurveda health services and Panchkarma therapies.

Shree Vishwasparsh Ayurvedic Chikitsalay and Panchkarma Clinic delivers quality professional services.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide authentic treatments for various diseases to eradicate root cause of any disorder and holistic approach to get balanced state according to our body constitution

About Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is the one of the world's oldest holistic healing system. Is only science which insist more on prevention of disease and maintenance of health,rather than treating only disease. It majorly focuses on life style management through Dincharya (daily regimen to be followed) and Ritucharya (Diet and lifestyle according to specific season).

About Panchkarma

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Panchkarma is the noble gift from Ayurveda "The science of detoxification & Rejuvenation" comprising of main five elegant therapies. Panchkarma procedures are very simple , traditional and body purifying as well as healing treatments with the help of oils herbs and their various combinations. we customize these combinations, herbs, oils and decoctions to be used in this procedure after thorough examination of patients prakruti, disorder, ritu etc.

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